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How Long Will Your Hybrid Battery Last

I get asked this question a lot of times especially by my repeat customers. A lot of them have asked us this question on our facebook page. How long should my hybrid battery last? And here is my answer to them. It depends on several factors. Yes, Toyota clearly states...

Don’t Jump the Gun

Ramp metering, or the use of traffic signals at freeway on-ramps to regulate flow, forces a small time penalty on drivers at the beginning of their commutes, but it pays off. "Requiring vehicles to wait 20 or 30 seconds can save drivers 5 to 10 minutes on their trip,"...

Save Your Clutch

Don't ride your clutch in anticipation of shifts. You'll accelerate quicker and your clutch will last longer if you use it like expensive cologne—sparingly.

Skip the DIY Car Wash

Washing a car at home uses five to 20 times more water than a professional car wash. You also aren't doing your car any favors: A recent study at the University of Texas proved that a single DIY wash can leave scratches as deep as a tenth of the paint's total thickness.

Rainproof Your Windshield

Manufacturers recommend replacing your blades every three months. Keep a spare set in your trunk. A product such as Rain Clear can also help minimize the work of your wipers; spray it onto the glass every few weeks. In some light rains, it makes the wipers almost...