I get asked this question a lot of times especially by my repeat customers. A lot of them have asked us this question on our facebook page. How long should my hybrid battery last? And here is my answer to them. It depends on several factors. Yes, Toyota clearly states that your hybrid battery is built to last for at least 8 years. However, from experience, I have seen hybrid batteries last for less or even more. Factors like mileage and lifespan of car typically affect how long your battery will last. Nevertheless, here are other factors that determine the lifespan of your hybrid battery

What is the age of your car?

The age of your car determines the longevity of your battery. Most cars that are used for private purposes usually come in for reconditioning at the 10-year mark. On the flip side, cars used for commercial purposes are prone to fail much earlier and turning up for reconditioning at the 5-year mark. To put things in retrospect; the longevity of your Prius hybrid battery is hugely determined by how old your car is.

How are you using your car?

Without sugar coating words, what you use your car for hugely determines how long your battery will last. If you use your car for Uber and drive up to 1000kms weekly, you should know that your hybrid battery wouldn’t last for as long as a person who only uses his vehicle for private purposes. For someone using his vehicle for Uber and driving up to 1200km weekly, you should already know that you’ll cycle your Prius hybrid battery far often than someone only using his vehicle for private purposes.

What is the mileage of your vehicle?

Mileage on the road is a huge determinant of the longevity of your Prius hybrid battery. Although the mileage of let’s say a 2003 Prius compared with a 2010 Prius may be the same, the 2010 Prius may come off worse. This isn’t surprising giving the fact that the intensity of cycling will be much harder on the 2010 Prius model because cycling has been done over a shorter span.

Are your hybrid battery balanced?

I see this quite often when working on my customers’ vehicle. The truth is if your Prius battery is not properly balanced, it wouldn’t be long before your battery fails. With an unbalanced hybrid battery, you should expect the capacity of your battery to wane with time.

In a nutshell

The longevity of your Prius hybrid battery is dependent on the above factors. So, even though Toyota clearly states that the lifespan of their Battery spans 8 years, these factors can greatly dwindle the lifespan of your Prius battery. Nevertheless, if you wish to improve the longevity of your battery, you wouldn’t go wrong to follow some of the below tips:

  • Ensure you carry your vehicle for scheduled maintenance
  • Always double check to ensure your engines are functioning optimally
  • Always take your vehicle for reconditioning and rebalancing
  • Although this may be quite daunting especially for new Prius owners, this is your best bet if you want your Prius hybrid battery to last as long as it is built for.

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